Moonshine Blend - 1kg
Moonshine Blend - 1kg

Elemental Coffee

Moonshine Blend - 1kg

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This is a smooth brew with a clean finish. It is a blend of beans from the world’s top coffee-producing nations.  It has a medium-body and carries notes of pineapple and peach.

‘Moonshine Blend’ is the original blend we developed over 2 years of research and experimenting. It's named after the home of the elemental coffee roastery and where it was developed.

After trying lots of different types of single source beans we found our 'ureka' moment when this blend came together. The PNG base to the blend is part of the secret and we just love using beans from PNG .It's used in high volume cafes through to small consumption households. It is also designed to be versatile across different brewing methods.Our Moonshine blend is fantastic for Espresso, Plunger and Filter.

Bean Origins: Columbia, Brazil, PNG

Our 1kg bag is popular with our customers  

Its resealable using the zip lock and heat sealed in our roastery to maintain freshness.  We recommend storing the coffee in this bag after closing the zip lock to preserve the quality of the beans. Great for travel as well!

Note: Due to fresh roasting, bag may expand for a few days after packing.  But the one way valve looks after this, so don't worry no exploding bags.

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