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Aeropress Go
Aeropress Go
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Aeropress Go

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Delicious coffee anywhere: Rapidly brews smooth, pure-tasting coffee without the acidity or grit. Optimized for traveling, camping, and boating. Free yourself from hotel coffee!

Compact design, with mug included: Includes mug and lid that doubles as a traveling case so you can brew coffee anywhere. Quick to clean and pack up.

Brew espresso style coffee: Brews one to three delicious cups with one press. AeroPress Go can also make cold brew coffee as well as espresso-style coffee for lattes, cappuccinos, and more.

The aeropress is well respected for its portability and clean flavours produced by its brewing method. The aeropress go is even more compact and portable than the original. Its a preferred mobile brewing method for us at elemental and we even use it to test new micro batches as we roast.

Its also a great gift for the coffee geek in your family if they dont have one already😁

Usage details.

There is lots of online information about how an aeropress works. But to summarise it....

You need to take with you preground coffee, milk sugar and have access to boiled water. ( When we use it for trips into the bush we take a flask of hot water or for longer trips a way to boil water)

The unit is light weight and extremely suitable for stowing in a pack etc.

The 'go' model has a built in cup. Which all clips together to one unit, much more versatile than the original.

Its easy to clean and use. Plus once you have one you can join the online groups and learn all the different brewing methods😉