Brazil Ipanema - Single source

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Brazil Ipanema - Single source

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Ipanema Coffees have been producing high quality beans since 1969, providing a range of specialty coffees to over 20 countries worldwide. They have become one of the most-recognized Brazilian coffee producing companies with over 5,500 hectares dedicated to coffee and around 14 million coffee trees in total. The production and commercialization of Specialty Coffees became the company`s flagship, and this has earned them a number of awards.

Ipanema Coffee is one of the base beans we use at Elemental Coffee. We have spent sometime developing a roast profile for this single source coffee and we really like the result. It has high quality finish and depth with nice sweetness. 

Tasting Notes

  • Internal Cupping score 81-82
  • Chocolate and nutty aroma. Chocolate, nutty nutmeg flavour and a bittersweet aftertaste. Light acidity with a clean round body.